Gunji Yuichi




チームプロメテウス 高温金属熱発電システム開発



6-year+ experience as technology marketing expert for a research institute
3-year experience to run my wine bar in downtown Tokyo
29-year+ experience at the positions below in Chemical industry
Business Management: 12.5 years / Marketing: 6 years (as dedicated Marketing Manager, 2 years) / Sales Management: 7 years (as dedicated Sales Manager, 2 years) / Field Sales: 10 years / Order Fulfilment: 2.5 years

Competencies developed and to be utilized
 Deep Understanding on Chemical and related industries
 Market focus – develop insights, hypothesize and validate key assumptions to pursue opportunities
 Learning - quickly pick up essentials when assigned new tasks
 Interpersonal effectiveness and communication skills
 Good command of English for business communications
 Result oriented – focus on delivering financial and other deliverables
 Financial, Legal and IT Literacy

Markets handled by Industry:
Ink/Coating, Adhesives/Sealants, Wire/Cable, Appliances/Electronics, Packaging, Automotive, etc.

Products handled:
Polyurethanes (PU), Epoxies, Acrylates, Polyethylene (PE), Polystyrene (PS), and other polymers and monomers.


Self-employment: Supporting Entrepreneurs

Started working as a tutor for high school students in the educational course for them to learn lean-startup business plan development in 2020 and onward.
In 2021, was selected as one of mentors to support entrepreneurs at RING HIROSHIMA. My first assignment in 2021 was to support social entrepreneur for animal welfare and the second one in 2022 is to support service business for consumers.

A national research institute

Technology Marketing Expert:
Work closely with researchers to enhance their collaboration activities with mainly private companies. Draft, check, negotiate and conclude contracts for such activities as Secrecy Agreements, Materials Evaluation and other Service Agreements, Collaborative Research Agreements, Joint Patent Application Agreements, Licensing Agreements and so on.

Self-employment:ran my wine bar

Started: Defined business plan, found and contracted bar space, contracted with good designer and constructor, vendors, staffs, developed menu of wines and foods, selected Web services for reservation and advertisement, etc.

Ran: Operated with staffs, procured supplies, foods and drinks, reviewed sales performance and revised services and menus, advertisements, work rules, staff management, etc.

Closed: found and sold the interiors and facility to the next tenant

A US based global chemical company

Experienced Marketing, Sales and Business Management professional with a demonstrated history of working in the plastics industry. Skilled in Marketing Management, Pricing Strategy, Market Research, Product Marketing, Sales Management and Product Development. Strong technical literacy with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Applied Chemistry from Saitama University. Good command of English. Legal, Financial and Information Technology literacy.


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