Yanai Minoru


I started my carrier at Mobile contents start-up company called Zapapllas, inc. as a director for launching new official i-mode service and also mobile phone sites.
After that position, I started to work at Infoseek as a part of Rakuten Inc, and I experienced inter-net advertise and portal site service. My work was advertise sales and new business planning at Infoseek.
At a time not long to start of Mobile Carrier start to lunch E-comic service, I start to work as a person in charge of launching new E-comic service menue, inc.. My position was to build production line in China and design all service of E-comic site.
I worked as a manager of the smartphone app business, including app development and advertising. I have achieved 70 million downloads to at the department.


Adinnovation Inc.

App media and game app publishing from overs to domestic.
Also global marketing support and new app and smartphone business globally.


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