Taiwan Japan Accelerator Program 2023
16.OCT. - 10.NOV.2023Taiwan Japan Accelerator Program 2023
16.OCT. - 10.NOV.2023


The Taiwan-Japan Accelerator Program 2023 aims to accelerate collaboration between Taiwanese startups and major Japanese companies in order to build an innovation ecosystem between Taiwan and Japan. The program will support the early growth of Taiwanese startups and the creation of new businesses for major Japanese companies through open innovation that links the diverse and abundant management resources of five Japanese companies with the innovative services and ideas of Taiwanese startups.


KUMAHIRA CO., LTDhttps://www.kumahira-safe.com/

Creating "security and safety" and "protection and containment" for the future society

Due to changing social conditions, the time has come to reexamine the interpretation of "security and safety " and "protection and containment". Why don't you join us in creating "safety and security" and "protection and containment" for the future society?

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NITTO SEIMO CO., LTD.https://english.nittoseimo.co.jp/

We want to evolve and develop the fisheries industry with new technologies and ideas!

Nitto Seimo celebrates 113 years in business this year. In this program, we would like to challenge the creation of new businesses for the next 100 years by combining the ideas and technologies of startups with our company's resources.

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Nippon Life Insurance Company
Nippon Life Insurance Companyhttps://www.nissay.co.jp/global/

Realization of affluent lifestyles suited to diversifying lifestyles

We will work with startup companies to create affluent lifestyles that suit increasingly diverse lifestyles.

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Japan Cosmetic Center
Japan Cosmetic Centerhttps://jcc-news.elementor.cloud/

Toward the Realization of an "International Cosmetic Cluster"

We have concluded cooperation agreements with cosmetic clusters in six overseas countries, including Taiwan, and are a member of the Global Cosmetic Cluster, the world's largest cosmetic cluster organization. The center's strength is in matching with overseas companies and disseminating information on laws and regulations through exhibitions and business meetings as a place to develop sales channels for its members. However, due to the influence of Corona, we feel that in recent years, although the ease of contact has increased through online conferences and other means, actual business negotiations have become more difficult. We would like to use this program as an opportunity to conduct specific projects with Taiwanese people and further deepen our relationship.

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STAR MICRONICS CO., LTD.https://star-m.jp/eng/

Using the power of technology to create and operate attractive stores

Aiming to become a "total solution provider in store operations," we would like to contribute to the creation and operation of attractive stores through the power of technology. In the current situation where there are various issues such as labor shortages, review of cost structures, and customers shifting away from real stores, we hope to promote human connections in a city crowded with unique and attractive stores that can still provide the value of "experience".

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