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Panasonic is hosting Panasonic Accelerator 2016 to collaborate with startups to co-create innovations that enrich our living. We are looking for entries from startups, with focus on three main themes: “Home Appliances and Living”, “Work”, and “Advanced Technologies”

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#01 Home Appliances and Living

For creating a Better Life

We are looking for ideas and technologies from startups to incorporate into our smart home appliances and on-line services for consumers. We would like to hear proposals for new services, new or improved features, and new usage scenarios with regards to general home appliances including robotic vacuum cleaners, smart air conditioners, washing machines, cooking appliances, TVs, as well as online services such as WeekCook Navi and KitchenPocket. We also that support the personalization of our products to our various customers and styles of “Living.

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#02 Work

We aim to revolutionize “Work, Workplace and Recruitment”.

We welcome proposals on new work styles for our 250,000 employees around the world, including new concepts regarding work environment, enhancement of benefit programs and improving efficiency of recruiting activities. Cooperating with our offices, and factories and employees you can experiment and demonstrate your corporate solutions.

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#03 Leading-Edge Technology

Sharing the benefits of leading-edge technology

We are looking to co-create innovations that utilize Panasonic’s leading-edge technologies. We will available leading-edge technology assets invite proposals for creating services and for launching businesses that use them.
The technology assets include (1) high-performance brain or muscle bioelectric potential sensor; (2) spoken language analysis by artificial intelligence; and (3) diagnostic imaging support system for medical images utilizing machine learning. We are also accepting proposals for technical cooperation and joint development regarding prototype machines and upgrading of existing products of startups.


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Smart Home Appliance Team

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Leading-Edge Technology Team

Application Period

JUL. 13TH - AUG. 5TH

Requirements for Entry and Additional Information

Unacceptable proposals
- Projects involving gambling, politics, religions, antisocial themes or other themes publically inappropriate
- Projects violating laws
- Promotion of services

Qualifications for application
Any startup that has a service prototype can apply, whether an individual or corporate organization, and regardless of your field or industry.

Screening process
Following the entry, startups will be refining their proposal through consulting via emails. Startups that pass this first level selection will proceed to the second level selection.
Only startups that pass the review can move on to the next step following “Entry”.
The progress will be informed before entering into refining phase.

Background of This Activity and Expectation for the Accelerator
One of our issues is the speed and quality in creating new businesses.
By collaborating with up-and-coming startups, we would like to learn how to launch a business lightly and swiftly and put that into practice to generate actual new businesses (regardless of the size).

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The application period is over